Taylor POS Stands and its Council has a global forum that brings together, merchants and the payments industry working to ensure continual development and drive adoption of ADA.Gov Compliant accessible POS Card Reader Checkouts while maintaining PCI Security Standards, EPC PIN Sheilding resources for safe and accessible payment checkouts worldwide.

Taylor POS STANDS are made for most all POS Terminal Card Reader Models including mobile devices. Verifone, Ingenico, PAX, FDMS, Equinox and others. We do sell and lease both individual units and bulk packages of our ADA Stands. Lead times vary as well as current models inventory. In-Store, Drive-Thru, Voting Booths and Other Types where Needed.

Equal & Independent Access

Allows for an individual to independently access the Credit/Debit Card Reader.

Adjust for comfort

A person can adjust the card reader in hand(s) or lap. Reaching causes strain.

Better Visual Access

Visual clarity is important. Not being able to see the payment screen is just bad.


ADA Stands allow for easy access to the Card Reader allowing for Total PIN Privacy.

About (USICD) United States International Council on Disabilites.
USICD’s member Board of Directors includes the most recognized leaders in the American disability rights movement, providing a wealth of experience and strategic guidance. Their projects empower people with disabilities around the world through grassroots strategies, as well as national and international policy advocacy.
As a global network and consulting hub, USICD’s relationships in countries around the world can serve partner NGOs who see to engage disability communities and leaders in diverse settings. USICD’s consultative status at the United Nations and their role as the US National Assembly in Disabled Peoples’ International have positioned USICD as a global leader.

About And Our Mission - ADA Stands

ADA POS Stands is a Sole Source POS-POI Card Reader Stands and Mounts Manufacturer. Patent 9,907,416. Based in the United States. |Office - Phoenix, Arizona, | Manufacturing Facility- Arlington, Minnesota | Global Distribution - St. Louis, Missouri |

Our Mission is to set a Unified Global Standard for all Card Networks Policy and Merchant Requirements to implement accessible Point of Sale (POS) - Point of Interaction (POI) Stands and Mounts as required by ADA Federal Law and Card Networks Policy of Privacy PIN POI Shielding for Card Reader Checkouts and to be Independently Accessible that works for all patrons.
We are the Only Point of Sale - Point of Interaction Compliant with the ADA.Gov and PCI-DCC (SSC-PTS) PIN Privacy Shielding Combined Compliance Card Reader Stands And Mounts Company in the World Soley Dedicated to Designing and Making Independently Accessible Stands and Mounts.

Our Patented Assitive POS Utility card reader stands are for all people and holds the exclusive rights to (Dismount/Detach/Quick Release) using the ADA 309.4 U-Shape Handle Pull that addresses ADA.Gov 309.4 Operation using (EIF) Electronic Interface Devices (POS)-POS-POI etc. ADA.Gov Design Compliance is key for every day purposes. Those in wheelchairs and little people can have an independently accessible and private PIN entry checkout experience use of the Card Reader in a freestanding mode. The difficulties of using a hard to interact with fixed to the counter mode end here with ADA POS Utility Stands and Mounts. Conducting a transaction in comfort and having Debit Card PIN Entry Privacy is key for all businesses and customers alike.

If a Business has even just one accessible parking spot, it should also have the Taylor ADA Stand at the Credit/Debit Card Reader checkout.

ADA.Gov 309 Operable Parts, - 309.4 Operation - EIF Dismount combination and is assistive for any person who can use the payment device in a freestanding mode. As opposed to a difficult or impossible high counter fixed position, there is - No Pinching, Grasping or Twisting to access the release by handle feature.

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