ADA Checkout POS Stands and Mounts.
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Volume and Custom
Your brand needs a comprehensive understanding regarding the point-of-sale accessibility understanding, you are in the right place. Whether C-Suite, Operations, IT, or Compliance officer, we can provide you solid validation and ADA compliance at checkout information you need. We also provide certification and train managers and employees etiquette education on addressing those with disabilities at your checkouts’. If you need expert services, that too, is available. There is a lot more to compliance than meets the eye. If anyone ever tells or sells you “helpful with ADA compliance for checkout” and it is not our ADA compliance dismount stand/mounting, you are being led down a bad road.  Compliance and helpful are two very different things. Inspections are also offered. 
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Volume purchase pricing and customization needs. Put our exclusive assistive-technology utility patent to work for you. We understand scenarios for custom or a specific particular setup for your multi-lane setup or sales, return or department mounting setups, even in medical equipment and therapy etc. The list is long. We have top-tier engineers, a prototype shop and full on manufacturing independent facility ready to make it all happen from start to installation.

When it comes to SSTMs such as self-checkout, kiosks, ITMs, vending, ATMs, fuel dispensers, EV charging stations etc, we will engineer and license our patented ADA assistive tech mounting and work with you to build and deliver so you can implement the ADA requirements to specs for all of your customers to use.  ADA checkouts are a mandatory requirement, –not an elective no matter the form of checkout. 

Whether you are Federal, Military, State, County, City Big Box or Regional, ADA Title III and/or II, ABA/508 (ICT), we have you covered when it comes to ADA card reader terminal stands and mounting for accessibility for countertop, self-checkout, kiosks, unattended and all other SSTMs. 

ADA Compliance for Checkouts.