ADA Checkout POS Stands and Mounts.
U.S. ADA Assistive-Technology POS Mounting for checkouts, self-checkouts and unattended SSTMs.
Taylor patented ADA stands and mounts meets the requirements for ADA/ABA/508 (ICT) regulations standards including the PCI and VISA acceptance for accessibility requirements for compliances and is the only point-of-sale card reader terminal stands and mounts in the world that accomplishes this, -attended, self-checkout and unattended.
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ADA Dismount
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Our ADA Dismount Stands are very simple for any cardholder, standing or in a seated position to access and have full use and privacy at the checkout using our ADA stands and mounts for card reader terminals.

The checkout struggle is very real for millions of people and traditional card reader terminal mounting has a huge negative impact on people who do have accessibility needs.

It does not always have to be a person using a wheelchair or scooter that needs ADA mounting at a checkout, it could be a little person, a tall person with a bad back/spinal issues and poor vision, it's impossible to calculate the variables.

The ADA has a lot of things in its regulations for accessible checkouts, and we will point out just a few key points. ADA 302.8 ADA limited reach and strength (full and private use the of pos-terminal-device), ADA visual accommodation (screen interaction). It also makes sense that a business that has ADA parking, must have an ADA checkout.

Be aware, non-accessible is viewed as discrimination which does cause additional legal problems and also the ADA fines start at $75,000 per location. And not being ADA accessible (ADA checkout) card reader (PCI) mounted takes the building and your business occupies is out of ADA building code. This affects you, the building owner (if renting/leasing) and State. County and City with additional problems.

If you are California based or have locations in California, additionally you have CAL-FIN 13082 and UNRUH ACT which has additional fines discrimination issues and other legal additions atop the ADA ones.

Your customers deserve better at your checkouts.

The IRS does offer a 50% tax credit for the purchase of assistive tech (our ADA stands and mounts). Click here for IRS Tax Credit Form 8826.

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If you have encountered an inaccessible point-of-sale card reader terminal at any checkout, you can file a complaint with the ADA/DOJ. They will follow up.

Americans with Disabilities Act, Titles I-III, 42 U.S.C. ยง 126, et seq.

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ADA Compliance for Checkouts.