Building Code

Building Code: ADA.Gov Sec.36.402 Alterations. (a) General. (1) Any alteration to a place of public accommodation or a commercial facility, after January 26, 1992, shall be made so as to ensure that, to the maximum extent feasible (hence assistive-tech POS CRT mounting), the altered portions of the facility are readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities, including individuals who use wheelchairs. Attended, Self-Checkout, Unattended.

To better explain this as an example, the checkout countertop is a fixed element. If you set the stand/mount on that fixed element, it becomes a part of that fixed element, it then is an alteration regardless of a new building or old building. The very first and/or only checkout lane or countertop, Kiosk, Self-Checkout and other SSTMs should be an ADA checkout 100%.

A few of good examples are the USPS counters which are typically too high regardless if a low counter section is available or what a bank calls a reception desk etc.

Another and we will use the California DMV for this example, near impossible to clearly access and use the POS CRT due to high counter and PIN on glass card readers and are way out of ADA compliance.

A third example would be a grocery store which too have high countertop/lane checkouts.

If you are told your building is checked off by a building inspection or if a California business by a CASp, and your POS checkout is not assistive-tech mounted, you are not in Compliance regardless of if your building has been checked off as ADA/ABA compliant. State and local governments are also required by Title II to provide program access as well. This would be more in terms of the furniture and equipment. The ADA/ABA 100%is attached to it.

In the private sector, the ADA Standards apply to places of public accommodation and commercial facilities. Places of public accommodation are facilities that affect commerce and that fall within twelve categories listed in the statute, including stores and shops, restaurants and bars, sales or rental establishments, service establishments, theaters, places of lodging, recreation facilities, assembly areas, private museums, places of education, and others. Nearly all types of private businesses that serve the public are included in the twelve categories, regardless of size. Commercial facilities include office buildings, factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other facilities whose operations affect commerce.

The IRS offers a 50% Tax credit for assistive-technology purchases.
Volume and Custom
Your brand needs a comprehensive understanding regarding the point-of-sale accessibility understanding, you are in the right place. Whether C-Suite, Operations, IT, or Compliance officer, we can provide you solid validation and ADA compliance at checkout information you need. We also provide certification and train managers and employees etiquette education on addressing those with disabilities at your checkouts’. If you need expert services, that too, is available. There is a lot more to compliance than meets the eye. If anyone ever tells or sells you “helpful with ADA compliance for checkout” and it is not our ADA compliance dismount stand/mounting, you are being led down a bad road.  Compliance and helpful are two very different things.
Contact us and we can get started on the processes.

Volume purchase pricing and customization needs. We understand there are scenarios where existing screw matching may need to be done, or a particular setup for your multi-lane setup or sales, return or department mounting setups. 

Whether you are Federal, Military, State, County, City Big Box or Regional, ADA Title III and/or II, ABA/508 (ICT), we have you covered when it comes to ADA card reader terminal stands and mounting for accessibility for countertop, self-checkout, kiosks, unattended and all other SSTMs. 

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If you have encountered an inaccessible point-of-sale card reader terminal at any checkout, you can file a complaint with the ADA/DOJ. They will follow up.

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