ADA Checkout - SMBs

An ADA checkout is required by federal law. We created our ADA card reader terminal stands and mounts specifically addressing accessibility requirement for checkouts. It comes down to the way the card and PIN reader is mounted specifically for ADA compliance.

A few factors such as ADA reach and range, placing the card and PIN terminal as close to the cardholder facing edge of a counter as possible and then how the card and PIN terminal is mounted. That is where the ADA stand comes in to complete the circle so-to-speak.

Just as you have ADA parking, the same holds for your checkout. It may seem like none of your customers have accessibility access needs to your card reader and if they do, they hand you their card (a huge do-not-do). This is especially important if PIN entry is involved in the transaction. That goes into VISA acceptance, PCI and ADA requirements for the cardholder.

Your customers old and new will quickly see you are aware of serving all your customers when they see that ADA blue-handle stand at your checkout. It is good for your business and for your community.

Be aware, non-accessible is viewed as discrimination which does cause additional legal problems and also the ADA fines start at $75,000 per location. And not being ADA accessible (ADA checkout) card reader (PCI) mounted takes the building and your business occupies is out of ADA building code. This affects you, the building owner (if renting/leasing) and State. County and City with additional problems.

If you are California based or have locations in California, additionally you have CAL-FIN 13082 and UNRUH ACT which has additional fines discrimination issues and other legal additions atop the ADA ones.

Your customers deserve better at your checkouts.

The IRS does offer a 50% tax credit for the purchase of assistive-tech (our ADA stands and mounts). Click here for IRS Taxt Credit Form 8826.

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If you have encountered an inaccessible point-of-sale card reader terminal at any checkout, you can file a complaint with the ADA/DOJ. They will follow up.

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