ADA Information.

Big Box brands. It's time to ADA up your checkouts. and especially if you are a DEI committed brand. More than 50 million Americans with disabilities are potential customers for retail businesses across the country. These 50-million-plus customers, along with their families and friends, patronize clothing boutiques, mall outlets, grocery stores, and more, if the businesses are accessible.

Countering design exclusion.
Our inclusive design maximizes the cardholder interaction at the card and PIN reader terminal checkouts and provides inclusion, not exclusion. Cardholders have a diverse range of accessibility capabilities and our ADA stands and mounts ensure anyone can get the card and PIN reader terminal in their hand(s) for full use and privacy interaction which is mandatory by Federal law. Our knowledge of inclusive design enables the design of superior inclusive checkout systems and services:

  • by understanding the impact of user diversity in product and service interaction.
  • by developing models of excellence in our design practice for accessible design.
  • by embedding accessible universal design practices in the retail business community.
As a major brand in the U.S., you get a lot of people with disabilities in your locations and honestly, your card reader terminal(s) at the checkouts are not ADA accessible/compliant even if within ADA reach/range. Reach/Range is just a construction building code requirement. On building code, not having an ADA mounted terminal takes your building out of building code via ADA. Pretty serious problem to have.

This market grows even larger if the 78 million baby boomers in this country - who do not always require but benefit from accessibility - are included. Accessibility makes good business sense: an accessible retail establishment brings in new customers and keeps them coming back again and again.

The core to an ADA checkout is the terminal and the key to that is being ADA mounted, meaning -assistive-tech mounted using the requirements of the ADA.

Our patented ADA terminal stands and mounts are the only available that accomplishes this, and we have made them readily achievable. Easy to install. You can have it set and ready for ADA use in minutes. It works for all cardholders whether standing or seated in left, right or forward positions. Custom builds are available with volume purchase. Contact us whether the CEO, compliance officer or IT lead.

With the new regulations for terminals, self-checkouts and other unattended transaction-based units, we can catch your company up on all this in detail and get you into ADA compliance for your checkouts.

Be aware, non-accessible is viewed as discrimination which does cause additional legal problems and also the ADA fines start at $75,000 per location. And not being ADA accessible (ADA checkout) card reader (PCI) mounted takes the building and your business occupies is out of ADA building code. This affects you, the building owner (if renting/leasing) and State. County and City with additional problems.

If you are California based or have locations in California, additionally you have CAL-FIN 13082 and UNRUH ACT which has additional fines discrimination issues and other legal additions atop the ADA ones.

Your customers deserve better at your checkouts.
Volume and Custom
Your brand needs a comprehensive understanding regarding the point-of-sale accessibility understanding, you are in the right place. Whether C-Suite, Operations, IT, or Compliance officer, we can provide you solid validation and ADA compliance at checkout information you need. We also provide certification and train managers and employees etiquette education on addressing those with disabilities at your checkouts’. If you need expert services, that too, is available. There is a lot more to compliance than meets the eye. If anyone ever tells or sells you “helpful with ADA compliance for checkout” and it is not our ADA compliance dismount stand/mounting, you are being led down a bad road.  Compliance and helpful are two very different things.
Contact us and we can get started on the processes.

Volume purchase pricing and customization needs. We understand there are scenarios where existing screw matching may need to be done, or a particular setup for your multi-lane setup or sales, return or department mounting setups. 

Whether you are Federal, Military, State, County, City Big Box or Regional, ADA Title III and/or II, ABA/508 (ICT), we have you covered when it comes to ADA card reader terminal stands and mounting for accessibility for countertop, self-checkout, kiosks, unattended and all other SSTMs. 

National Coverage.
What is covers.

If you have encountered an inaccessible point-of-sale card reader terminal at any checkout, you can file a complaint with the ADA/DOJ. They will follow up.

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