ADA Information.

Regional and Franchises are either small business or national big box but independent. Either way every location is responsible by Federal Law to have an ADA checkout even if you have a low countertop for your card and PIN terminal.

Where it gets interesting is, - is it the head office brand or the location owner who is liable when it comes to ADA fines and/or legal suits for discrimination for inaccessible checkouts via ADA regulatory requirements? The answer. Both.

A few things to help determine this is your contract with a brand and building owner. Ultimately, all involved are responsible, and it would lean toward the business owner. If the brand requires you to have a certain card and PIN reader and supplies its typical fixed mounting for the terminal, - reject it and point them to us. We can set the reality of this right away.

For California locations, atop, you have CAL-FIN 13082 and UNRUH fines and legal issues. You are also out of ADA building code requirements. (National).

IRS Tax Credit. A 50% tax credit for assistive-technology our card reader terminal mounting is available. This is for businesses that make 1 million of less annually, (however), it also calls for 30 or less full-time employees that get the tax credit too. The info and link to the form is on our purchase cart page.

What we do know is, you are not in ADA compliance at your checkout when it comes to your fixed mounted POS terminal. Just as we always say, you have ADA parking, probably an ADA sticker on your entry, but do not have an ADA POS terminal checkout. If DEI committed, that's an inclusion problem to start with regardless of DEI.

Even if you get one to start, - it is a start, but with the new card and PIN reader terminal regulatory for checkout coming in 2024, faster for you is better for you.
Be aware, non-accessible is viewed as discrimination which does cause additional legal problems and also the ADA fines start at $75,000 per location. And not being ADA accessible (ADA checkout) card reader (PCI) mounted takes the building and your business occupies is out of ADA building code. This affects you, the building owner (if renting/leasing) and State. County and City with additional problems.

If you are California based or have locations in California, additionally you have CAL-FIN 13082 and UNRUH ACT which has additional fines discrimination issues and other legal additions atop the ADA ones.

Your customers deserve better at your checkouts.
Volume and Custom
Your brand needs a comprehensive understanding regarding the point-of-sale accessibility understanding, you are in the right place. Whether C-Suite, Operations, IT, or Compliance officer, we can provide you solid validation and ADA compliance at checkout information you need. We also provide certification and train managers and employees etiquette education on addressing those with disabilities at your checkouts’. If you need expert services, that too, is available. There is a lot more to compliance than meets the eye. If anyone ever tells or sells you “helpful with ADA compliance for checkout” and it is not our ADA compliance dismount stand/mounting, you are being led down a bad road.  Compliance and helpful are two very different things.
Contact us and we can get started on the processes.

Volume purchase pricing and customization needs. We understand there are scenarios where existing screw matching may need to be done, or a particular setup for your multi-lane setup or sales, return or department mounting setups. 

Whether you are Federal, Military, State, County, City Big Box or Regional, ADA Title III and/or II, ABA/508 (ICT), we have you covered when it comes to ADA card reader terminal stands and mounting for accessibility for countertop, self-checkout, kiosks, unattended and all other SSTMs. 

National Coverage.
What is covers.

If you have encountered an inaccessible point-of-sale card reader terminal at any checkout, you can file a complaint with the ADA/DOJ. They will follow up.

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